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The IMPERIAL beach club is the only place in Vung Tau that has diverse activities all day: Sports activities, F&B, Bar Outdoor, Beach Parties, Pool service, etc.
IMPERIAL Beach Club stretches 100 meters on a white sandy beach with impressive architecture inspired by the classic Mediterranean style and the view from the private beach, embracing the endless sky.
Immerse in the sea air and participate in sports such as jetski, kayaking, canoeing, beach volleyball, etc. Or famous events such as the weekly kite festival and exciting music events.
Celebrate a romantic sunset moment with your loved one, and sublimate your emotions with music and cocktails at IMPERIAL Beach Club.
IMPERIAL Beach Club is well known at night operates with an outdoor lounge where special entertainment programs take place: Circus, magic show, water drum, LD dance, hottest DJ, etc., with many unique themes giving customers and authentic experience.